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Stand out features of the Hawk Trailers that we specified or designed especially to fit the NZ customer:-

Much of these modifications are due specifically to us being horse people who travel and haul horses all over the countryside. We want to make it easy for the driver and the horses.  Then everyone is happy. 

80" upper gooseneck length (distance from jack wall to nose of gooseneck trailer); this makes a huge difference to hauling the horse and turning capacity on our tight NZ roads with windy corners. This feature is an absolute must if you want to have the ease of backing into tight spaces or simply to get that turn.  Something that being a small country (not like the vast spaces of the USA), we need to be able to maneuver our trailers easily.

Tires are 16" rather than the standard15". The reason for this is simply to get the trailer higher off the ground. It has less rolling resistance which means that it tows easily and smoothly most especially on our bumpy roads and off road, into paddocks. It can cope with heavier loading of both horses and gear. 

Narrower Axle; shaving off 200mls makes the trailer easier to get through our standard gate sizes with room to spare. One lane bridges, narrow and windy gravel roads. Taking you easily to out of the way places. 

Some features we felt were imperative for NZ customers that Hawk already do as standard on all of their trailers:-

Electric Braking System; this means the trailer brakes itself. This is massive. This is not a basic braking system on the float, it has to be fitted to the vehicle too. Our customers rave about it. Reduce your anxiety about stopping and managing the load. Ever driven down a windy road with a trailer full? This feature gives you stability and assurance that you can navigate any terrain you have to go through. 

Hawk comes standard with insulated walls and fibre-glass roof. Which means that there is no drip from condensation, warmer in winter and cooler in summer, if you are camping in it and the horses are travelling in it, plus quieter for the horses when travelling. What this means is that the horses arrive more relaxed and happy and you have a better overnight stay. 

The Hawk trailer has a military grade galvanized steel frame and aluminium outer skin. What that means is we get the robustness of steel and the lighter weight towing. It is guaranteed not to rust. The reason Hawk did this was to combat against their conditions of salt on roads due to ice in winter and this has been a huge factor in how great this trailer works for the coastal conditions in NZ. 

Screened & Lockable Windows; Firstly, Hawk expect your trailer to have windows, nice wide windows that allow airflow whilst the horses are travelling. (Ever seen them in your basic float?)  Secondly they want it to be bug proof for the horses and the humans. Any horse will tell you that getting on a trailer that they can see out of will make them way happier. Add the comfort of air combined with insulation that reduces heat and in NZ... most especially for our horses up in the north, this is becoming more and more important. 

Rubberised torsion bar suspension axles, is not only a great ride for the horses but it is maintenance free for the humans. These heavy duty axles are non negotiable for Hawk. They stand by their quality and assurance that they feel makes the Hawk brand stand out. If you have ever had horses not want to travel, it is usually because they are experiencing near death visions! Our young horses travel on these trailers and will walk back on easily. That's what you want. Horses calm. Arriving at the event ready to be the best they can be and so do you. 

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About Us

This company started simply because we were looking for a better solution to travelling and camping with our horses. Steve found Hawk Trailers and imported his own gooseneck and then went on to help others navigate the ups and downs of both importing and customising a trailer to their needs. 

What we provide is confidence that what you ask for is what you get. We are there every step of the way keeping you in the loop on what is happening at the manufacturers, on the water and ensuring that you are on the road with your trailer as soon as it lands in NZ. 

With every gooseneck trailer we import a bumper pull halving the cost of a container. We are slowly growing in the NZ market with solid quality trailers and friendly service. 

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Steve is exceptionally approachable and helpful with the many questions I had, as one does when investing in a new trailer.  He responded quickly and liaised between Hawk Trailers in Illinois and myself to get everything I envisaged to custom my Hawk Trailer to my specific requirements, taking into consideration how I would use the trailer, Steve offered up great ideas that were innovative, practical and worked!  

I absolutely love my trailer.  It is extremely well constructed, very spacious up the front, having had a toilet installed and a foldaway bed in the stall I do not use as I only ever travel one horse.  The Hawk is extremely well balanced and follows my tow vehicle like a dream both unloaded and loaded.  The axle upgrade option I chose to bring up the height of the trailer has been great for a bit of off-roading in the many places we tend to travel in NZ.  The electronic braking system is straight forward and user friendly - back that trailer in the rain and stay dry!  I love the swing out saddle rack and all my saddles both English and Western sit steady while the trailer is travelling, and double as a great way to get blankets and towels dry in the sun.  I am able to remove the internal frames and love the floor tie down options for bikes, quads, kayaks and other weekend toys to go away with family and friends.  


Two considerations that were high on my checklist choosing a Hawk were the fully galvanised chassis/frame, and the insulation to regulate the temperature for both the horses and for camping!  I'm absolutely delighted with my Hawk purchase due to the quality and craftsmanship of this trailer. 

My horses love it too. There is absolutely plenty of head height in the Hawk trailers.  The interior is light, spacious and with plenty of ventilation options.  I chose the rubber flooring upgrade which has a lifetime guarantee, no mats required and cleans off like new again after a hose down.  The horses have individual feed bags that clip into the front to nibble on while they are travelling.  They are certainly very keen to get in and go with these waiting for them.  There's no vertical pole at the back which gives them confidence to spread comfortably during transport.  And with a little modification one person can move the centre divider to one side against the wall for a quick camper conversion. I also have to mention the mosquito nets on all the sliding windows as well - bonus!   

Debby De Vantier


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